Friday, April 24, 2015

Heading West

On Thursday we finally checked out of our central London flat and took the tube to Heathrow to rent a car and drive west. Our first stop was the absolutely massive Windsor Castle. Unfortunately due to a time crunch we only had an hour in a castle that easily could have eaten four.

After Windsor we made our way to Salisbury where we had what turned out to be a private tour of the Salisbury Cathedral. Our guide lead us and one other couple on a two hour tour of the cathedral including access to the tower spire itself. This picture is from the bottom of the spire looking up around 120 feet of supporting structure.

The base of the spire had four exits outside where we were able to see all of Salisbury and the surrounding countryside. One of the exits was closed however due to a nesting Peregrine Falcon.

After Salisbury Cathedral we made our way out to this five thousand year old pile of rocks.

We weren't allowed to enter the Stonehenge circle but the path did lead up fairly close to it. Overall it was a very spiritual experience. We lucked out with beautiful weather too!

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