Friday, April 24, 2015

Scotland Highlands

On Tuesday we grabbed our backpacks and hopped on a plane up to Inverness where we grabbed a car and went on a road trip. The highlands are absolutely beautiful...

Our first stop was Urquhart castle on Loch Ness. The Scots blew it up several hundred years ago to prevent it from falling in to enemy hands. Now it sits as a small ruin with a beautiful view of the lake.

Next was Eilean Donan castle. We pulled in at low tide which left the castle a bit exposed. This one was also blown up several hundred years ago but was reconstructed by a private family to show how it used to look.

Finally, after way too many miles of one-lane bi-directional road, we reached our hotel in Torridon. After checking in we enjoyed an absolutely delicious five course meal followed by peppermint tea and scotch over several games of chess (Marc won all four for the record).

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